Python – Script10: Configure Network Device via SSH (Netmiko)

Step1: Install python on Windows/Linux or run ‘Network Automation Appliance’ on GNS3 which has pre-installed python & Netmiko
Step2: Install Netmiko
Install Netmiko
apt-get update
apt-get install python -y
apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev -y
apt-get install python-pip –y
apt-get installpython-dev # You may need to install this as well
pip install cryptography
pip install netmiko
Step3: To verify is Netmiko is installed or not:
	>>> import netmiko
>>> print netmiko.__version__
Step4: Configure router for SSH
	Hostname SW1
	Int gi0/0
		ip add
 		No sh
	ip domain-name
	crypto key generate rsa		1024 bits
	enable password cisco
	username rachit password cisco
	line vty 0 4
		login local
		transport input all
Step5: Make sure you are able to ping Network Automation device.
Step6: Below Python script to run on GNS3 Appliance – Network Automation. Script will make SSH connection to device and configure loopbacks, OSPF protocols with Vlans
from netmiko import ConnectHandler
iosv_l2 = {
    ‘device_type’: ‘cisco_ios’,
    ‘ip’: ‘’,
    ‘username’: ‘rachit’,
    ‘password’: ‘cisco’,
    ‘port’: ’22’,
    ‘secret’: ‘cisco’,
net_connect = ConnectHandler(**iosv_l2)
output = net_connect.send_command(‘show ip int brief’)
print output
config_commands = [‘int loop 0’, ‘ip address’]
output = net_connect.send_config_set(config_commands)
print output
for n in range (2,5):
    print “Creating VLAN ” + str(n)
    config_commands = [‘vlan ‘ + str(n), ‘name Python_VLAN ‘ + str(n)]
    output = net_connect.send_config_set(config_commands)
    print output

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